Magnetic Lashes Are Real, And They Are Actually Easy To Apply

September 28, 2017


The usage is as follows.


1. Practice first! Don’t wait until the day you want to wear them to give them a try. Seriously, watch the video. Now that I’ve watched it, I realize it really does help.


2. Curl your natural lashes, then apply mascara. Let the mascara dry before applying the lashes.


3. To apply the One Two Lash set, simply treat the two ultra-lightweight fiber strips like a sandwich — place the top lash first on your top lashes, then place the bottom lash (marked with a red dot) under your lashes.


4. Let the magnets do the work, and click together into place. BOOM! Easy false lashes in two seconds!


5. Remove them by gently and slowly shifting them apart, without pulling.


To remove the lashes, you simply take your index finger and thumb and gently pry the two pieces away from each other. And there’s no need to toss the lashes when you’re done wearing them. They’re reusable.


Bonus tips: For an easy and quick everyday look, apply one set of the “original” lashes on each eye. To up the drama, apply two sets of the “original” lashes on each eye, laying them out side by side. For the most dramatic impact, go for the “bold” lashes for the most voluminous eyelash look.

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