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Long Dual Magnetic 3D Eyelashes - Premium False Eyelash Extension Set for a Natural Look - Magnetic Eyelashes (4 piece) + 1 Iron plate Case + 1 Eyelash Tweezers [Glamorous Style]


1. GLAMOROUS LONG STYLE - With the Newest Magnet Design, You Don't Need To Use Troublesome Eyelash Glue Anymore. We Offer Glamorous Long Styles of Perfect Eyelashes.

2. PREMIUM QUALITY - Aliceva Eyelash is a Premium Product, Which Means We Never Cut Corners on Materials and Production. To Ensure Optimal Quality, Aliceva Eyelashes Are Hand-crafted with The Highest-quality Synthetic Fibers.

3. PERFECT SAFETY - Aliceva Eyelash Is Safe for Daily Use, so You Don't Have to Worry About the "What If." The Lashes Undergo Extensive Internal Testing and There Were no Adverse Reactions Associated With Wearing Our Magnetic Lashes Regularly.

4. LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - You Will Now Not Even Notice Their Weight on Your Eyes. They'll Seamlessly Combine Along with Your Very Own Lashes, for the Maximum Natural Appearance.

5. WARRANTY 30 DAYS - You and Your Eyes Deserve the Very Best. If for Any Reason, You are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase, You Can Return it Within 30 Days For A Full Refund - No Questions Asked.




Using our micro-magnetic technology, the Aliceva EyeLash sandwiches your natural lashes between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds.

In addition our unique, dual design makes lashes look longer, thicker, and more luxurious while looking undeniably natural.

This breakthrough solution works for people of all ages, ethnicities, and fits any eye shape.

Experience the Aliceva revolution today!



Product Name : Glamorous Long Style of Dual Magnetic 3D Eyelashess

Material: Ultra-thin Fiber

Lash Size(1EA): Length: 31mm, Width: 10mm

Case Size : Length : 75mm, Width : 75mm, Height : 20mm

Package Size : 110 x 85 x 24 mm

Package Weight : 100g



Long Magnetic Eyelashes(4 piece) + Iron Plate case + 1 eyelash Tweezers



1. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelashes over the outside of your eye.

2. Position the lash on top of your natural lashes, so the outside edge lines up with the edge of your natural lash line.

3. Leave the top lash where it is, and pick up the bottom lash.

4. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so it meets and connects with the top lash magnet.



1. Gently slide the 2 magnetic eyelashes apart from each different with your index finger and thumb.

2. Try avoid pulling the eyelashes straight off, as this may alter the shape of the eyelashes.



1. Keep them in the case when finished wearing them.

2. Gently take care of your magnetic eyelashes.

3. Take the lashes off before washing your face or showering.



1. Make your own eyelash curl up before using this product.

2. Apply the magnetic eyelash after mascara will give you a more natural effect.


Create the long, thick, gorgeous lashes of your dreams in seconds!



Long Magnetic Eyelash



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