Anti-Fungal Nail Pen Against Discoloration, Brittle and Cracked Nails, 2pcs


Aliceva Anti-Fungal Nail Solution is the complete solution that effectively eliminates toenail and fingernail fungus infections. Say goodbye to discolored, weak and brittle nails, and say hello to clear and healthy nails. Aliceva Anti-Fungal Nail Solution is a blend of Natural and powerful fungus-fighting ingredients that brings about a powerful formula that provides visible results within weeks.



Fungus Stop

It’s highly effective for the care of cracked, rough, nail discolourations, brittle and split toenails and fingernails that gets attacked by nail fungus. The solution gives the nails natural shine and helps the nails to stay smooth and completely revived. It also strengthens and protects at the same time. Aliceva Anti-Fungal Nail Solution is all you need for a healthy nail appearance.



Natural & Safe

The natural and safe formula of Aliceva Anti-Fungal Nail Solution makes it an extremely effective nail fungus treatment you can rely on.



Easy to Use

Smear three times on the nail and its contour. The 3 boxes is a course of treatment, and you will see the effect clearly after 3 trial. The 3 course with other anti-fungal products, the effect is better.



Product Effectiveness

- kills 99.9% of the fungus bacteria and viruses

- Professional & Natural Formula

- Strengthens, Restores & Protects

- Corrects Discoloration

- Prevents Further Infection

- Safe & Gentle

- Easy to Apply



Package Includes :

-Fungus Stop x 2pcs

Aliceva Nail Fungus Stop - Anti-Fungal Nail Pen Against Discoloration, Brittle a




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