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Aliceva Magnetic Eyelashes x8 [Natural & Sexy] with Premium Metal Eyelash Tweezers - Best 2 style 3D False Reusable Eyelash 8 piece + Magnet Dot Case [A203/204]

Product Name : New 2 Style of Dual Magnetic 3D Eyelashes 
Model Number : A203(Natural), A204(Sexy) Material: Ultra-thin Fiber 
A203(Natural) - Lash Size(1EA): Length: 17mm, Width: 8-12mm
A204(Sexy) - Lash Size(1EA): Length: 17mm, Width: 9-13mm 
Case Size : Length : 84mm, Width : 75mm, Height : 20mm
Package Size : 110 x 85 x 20 mm
Package Weight : 60g

2 Style of Magnetic Eyelashes(8 piece) + Magnetic Dot Case + Premium Metal Eyelash Tweezers 

Create the long, thick, gorgeous lashes of your dreams in seconds!


Product ID:  8419221265587
Product ID Type:  upc



Aliceva Magnetic Eyelash - A203



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